La Paz

After a long, long trip on Lake Titicaca we were finally allowed to get ourselves stamped into Bolivia. Our American fellow travelers Brad and Emile had some trouble; the Bolivian government apparently doesn’t like Americans and they had to pay 135 dollars (only good quality banknotes) to get in. We got our stamp for free and without trouble (and with a friendly “Aaaah, Holanda!”) from the border police officer.

Our first stop in Bolivia was the tourist-town Copacabana, which lies directly at the lake. After one evening and one morning we took the bus to La Paz, where we are still residing. La Paz is a nice – albeit a slightly chaotic – city. There is plenty to do in and around the city (some snowy peaks are very close to the city, as well as death road) so we will surely stay here for a few days, before we head towards Bolivia’s salt plains and Argentina.


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2 Responses to La Paz

  1. Are you comming to Paraguay?

  2. Dorus Bakker says:

    Ha Mannen,

    Dat ziet er weer geweldig uit. Prettig om uit Nederland te komen wanneer je Bolivia in wilt als ik het zo lees. Ik ben benieuwd naar jullie ervaringen met die Death Road: bij Top Gear leek het me vrij gevaarlijk, dus kijk goed uit 🙂

    Verder wil ik Peter complimenteren met zijn waardevolle reclames voor Connexxion in Zuid Amerika! Met name hier komt hij heel mooi in beeld:

    Groeten en geniet er van daar!


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