Huaraz and Inka Nani

Based from Huaraz (altitude: 3000+) we did a lot of hiking to lakes, ruins, hot springs and random mountains. After a few day trips (pictures e.g. 1, 2) we went on a longer and more serious hike called the Inka Nani (or Inca Nani) starting in the tiny town of Pomachaca (3, 4). The trek took us over 105 km of old Inca paths – sometimes as wide as 10 meters (and sometimes much much less) – to the large ruins of Huanuco Pampa. The trip took 5 days, with the first and the last day spent on traveling to and from Huaraz (and about 2 hours of hiking).

The trek itself was amazing and very off the beaten track. We met no other travelers at all; just local people in small towns usually not connected by any road. Along the trek there are many ruins. (Since there is little information about the trek we will soon make a small guide and itinerary for other travelers.)

The trek itself is not that high relative to the rest of the Cordilla Blanca (the two highest points of the trek were around 4300 meters), but we did camp at 4000 meters on the third day. Even though we got a little sunburned during that day, the temperature reached below zero during the night. These icy tents were the result:

[Icy tents]

A lot of pictures of the trek are uploaded to Anne’s Flickr page.

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2 Responses to Huaraz and Inka Nani

  1. Jeff Walden says:

    0 degrees Celsius, I assume?

  2. anne says:

    Yeah, below 32 Fahrenheit 😉

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