Paddy´s Day

It´s St. Patrick´s Day today so we are going to find a pub with lots of Aquila (Colombia´s Heineken but much better tasting), maybe together with our Irish friends from the hostel which we met during a beer tasting session in a Colombian Brewery last night. The beer was surprisingly good! A picture:


Today we decided to hike up on of the mountains around the city. Bogota is at around 2600m, and we climbed up to 3000+. Unfortunately not at the top, since there wasn´t really a path at all. The hike included some spectacular views, some dangerous climbs on slippery rock-walls and a lot of tries, plants in bushes we had to get through. Some pictures to show it:

Peter and Tom


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4 Responses to Paddy´s Day

  1. Patty says:

    Looking good, looking nice 😉

  2. Michael says:

    LOL @ that climb. You guys are crazy :p

  3. Landy says:

    nice !
    peter, i will get a card right ? :p

  4. Nicolaus says:

    Bonddskampeerstatus nu al waar gemaakt 😉

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