Tonight we are taking a nightbus to Medellin, where we will probably stay about a week before we leave to Santa Marta! Some pictures (from Bogota) will follow soon…

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Paddy´s Day

It´s St. Patrick´s Day today so we are going to find a pub with lots of Aquila (Colombia´s Heineken but much better tasting), maybe together with our Irish friends from the hostel which we met during a beer tasting session in a Colombian Brewery last night. The beer was surprisingly good! A picture:


Today we decided to hike up on of the mountains around the city. Bogota is at around 2600m, and we climbed up to 3000+. Unfortunately not at the top, since there wasn´t really a path at all. The hike included some spectacular views, some dangerous climbs on slippery rock-walls and a lot of tries, plants in bushes we had to get through. Some pictures to show it:

Peter and Tom


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Arrived in Bogotá

A little after 5PM local we arrived in the smog-filled capital of Colombia. Here is a picture of the street our hostel is in from this morning:

Street the hostel is in.

Tom will be finishing his thesis today while Peter and I will go chilling. Well, and plan our trip, somewhat.

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Almost leaving…

While Tom is already in Düsseldorf, Anne made this website on the final evening in Holland and left me with the task of setting it up a bit since he hadn’t packed his backpack yet. Tomorrow at 07:50 (GMT +1) we are flying to Madrid and then to Bogota where we arrive at 16:40 (GMT -5). I hope the next posts will be more interesting…

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