Our last week (probably) here on the continent we spent mainly partying, relaxing, partying some more, and of course visit Uruguay! From Buenos Aires we took a (very, very slow) boat to Colonia, a sleepy, pretty little city only three hours away. After eating at the local parilla and walking around town a bit, we directly took a bus to Montevideo, another three hours away. For some (those who didn’t sleep the night before) it was a long ride, but eventually we arrived around 19:00. We found a hostel, got dinner, and Anne and I went out with some locals. Tom joined us on Saturday night.

The clubs in Montevideo generally don’t open before midnight, and many way after. The party gets started even later, and when we left the club both Friday and Saturday night (not before 4:30) there was a huge line outside, which wasn’t there when we got in.

We are now enjoying our lasts day in Buenos Aires, hoping to get a flight tomorrow. Due to the ashclouds from a vulcano in Chile many flights are cancelled. A fellow Dutch’ flight got cancelled yesterday and his new flight is in 10 days. So we might be stuck here a little longer…

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